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Can I amend my order after I have placed it?

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As Bulk use a fully automated ordering process, this means that all orders are locked onto the system as soon as you have placed and paid for the order. This ensures that your order is dispatched on time.  As a result of this, we are unable to add or change any items on your order.

There is a small chance that we may be able to amend a flavour, but this is not guaranteed. We will not be able to change an unflavoured product to a flavoured alternative on any order. If you order has been picked or despatched by the time we receive your instruction we will not be able to amend your order.

The best way to contact us for amendments or cancellations would be our Live Chat or via Facebook Messenger. 

Please note that our warehouse work outside of our office hours and therefore your order may have been processed by the time we receive your request.

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