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Bulk Friday - Pre Workout Free Gift

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Can I remove the Free Gift?

Of course, if you view your basket by hitting the basket icon in the top right you are able to remove the free gift by hitting the 'X' button


What flavour is it?

It's a mystery... all ingredients can be found on the back of the packaging however


What is Pre-Workout?

A pre workout is stimulant which helps individuals with an extra boost of energy and focus during their workouts, most blends will contain caffeine to help you get through that slump


How do I use it?

Add the contents of the sachet to 250ml of water in one of our shakers and give it a good shake, consume around 30 minutes before your workout as it can take a little while to kick in.


Will you be making it a permanent flavour?

Good Question! We can't answer that right now, but we'll keep in mind that it hit the spot for you.


I'm having a reaction and or/ tingling feeling.

This is an expected reaction due to the beta alanine within the product.
The mild side effect identified with beta-alanine supplementation is a tingling or itching sensation in the skin, which has been described as similar to pins and needles. This is a normal, completely harmless sensation called Paresthesia which usually wears off within 30 min after taking each dose, although some people may not experience this at all.


If you experience this side-effect, consider lowering your dosage or stop taking beta-alanine supplements altogether. You can also talk to your health care professional to seek further advice.


How long will I have this feeling / tingling?

This sensation will typically wear off within 20/30 minutes


What is Beta Alanine?

Beta Alanine is an amino acid which can help improve muscle endurance and reduce the chance of fatigue


Can I die from this?

Nope, as long as you don't exceed one serving per day there is nothing to worry about

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